Prolove Project 2015

Graduate Master Fashion | National University of Arts, Bucharest, Fashion outfits vs. contemporary art object.


PROLOVE is a manifesto in favor of love as the highest feeling of them all. The concept of this collection stems  from “Déjà vu Wanderings”, a volume of poems written by Carmen Emanuela Popa.

My guardian angel on the brink of sleep
look for myself through ravishing nights..


There are two things that elevate a man: love of another and the transcendentalism he derives from the act of creation. “by including the truth in one’s creation, one inherits access to the unusual while also annulling it. "

Prolove Project

Prolove 2015 | Carmen Emanuela Popa
Gratuate Fashion Design | Bucharest National University of Arts
   Technical Support Serban Gheorghiu. Model Dochita Marina