Woman N

Variations of shadow, light wearing dramatic mission to emphasize the human condition and tranquility while cohabiting with shared deep feelings of others.


WOMAN N becomes the prototype of a contemporary character who is trying to communicate through his own personality for a world propagated in the future.

Quilted structures and details that make up parts of the piece of clothing also suggests the need for protection that human being feels his way evolutionary role of camouflaging the sensitivity.


WOMAN N addresses a dynamic and sophisticated women who borrow the dress style of stylistic solutions offered by inspirational context of an excessive industrialization.

The concept of the collection is based on the contrast of two complementary worlds, one which propels the woman in the future by appearance or dress, in the habitat socio-cultural, and second, a world of a past that refers to deep feelings and the fundamental condition of woman being a mother.

Woman N

Campaign Woman N S/S 2014 | Carmen Emanuela Popa
     Photography Gabriel Hennessey. Model Irina Batrac / MRA Models