Her first collection was made when Carmen was six years old (!) and today she keeps on creating the extraordinary images filling them with her own philosophy.

About Designer

Carmen Emanuela Popa has been passionate about art from a very early age. Fashion design is just a pretext to create unique characters who reveal an emotional universe about the aesthetics of the human being.

What does inspire me? Drama of this world with all it entails, wars, famine, poverty .. in contrast to the "blessed" world with peace and joy of living.
I am inspired by every passerby, each is a piece of the universe and has its own perception of the miracle of life. In all times, people liked to embellish, to strive for perfection as nature itself does. I believe that fashion began when wars ended. It is a form of peace, which tends to come out. Sometimes, in the morning .. when I come back to the reality of this world .. I simply see these images! .. divine characters that basically talk about ourselves.



Carmen Emanuela Popa is an emerging designer, known for his avant-garde, conceptualist works, based on philosophical theories, with a strong emotional impact, true visual metaphors dedicated to human beign.
She was born on April 3, 1976, in Romania. Inspired by dramatic works of Picasso and Monet, adolescent designer clearly determined her mission.
The Romanian designer militates for Peace in Paris, on 25 September 2015, of International Day of Peace, with pieces from the Contemporary Unknown Soldier collection, for which she receives the Best Catwalk Award at the Athens Xclusive Designers Week, Greece. In 2014 presents WOMAN N collection, in Moscow, at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Russia, a woman's vision, which was suggestively named by the international press, a refugee of the future.
Her works have a password with direct references to art as an essential form of formal and chromatic discourse. Carmen Emanuela Popa is an antisystemic artist because it brings to the forefront the condition of contemporary man, starting from the level of a superior philosophy of existentialism.
With impressive international reviews, designer Carmen Emanuela Popa brings to the forefront the human being, idealizing in sophisticated costumes and approaching stylistic contrast dualities, placing the vulnerable emotional condition of the ordinary man in the context of a flamboyant opulence of today's society.
She was compared to British designer Alexander McQueen by the French press in a video - review of the Woman N collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Russia, a collection that has been remarkably well placed in the top of presentations in history of this event, by the famous American publication Huffington Post.

About present and future

The Romanian Designer Carmen Emanuela Popa is a Visual Arts Partner of the International Project UNESCO's Academy of Young Women, The Fight Against Xenophobia, Extremism and Aggression., a project initiated by the National Commission of Romania for UNESCO, which took place in August 2017. With a strong manifest speech, the project supports the young woman who is still the victim of discrimination and violence.
The designer sets, through the concept of the 56 Route collection, a visual trajectory with a strong anti-violence message. 56 Route is a feminist manifest, of the woman in modernity, who faces aggression under the most diverse forms, intolerance and violation of emotional intimacy.
Recently, Carmen Emanuela Popa lounched the collection NEON. The Middle Virtual Era, for autumn/winter 2017/2018. The concept refers to the imminence of the virtual phenomenon, which in the near future will completely change the aesthetic-behavioral portrait of humanity.
The Romanian designer is currently preparing a new collection, to be launched early 2018.
From March 2018, she will start collaborating, with a program of a scholarship, with the prestigious Università Iuav di Venezia.

Participations and coverage

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia, Moscow
Athens Xclusive Designers Week
British Vogue, Tatler UK, Huffington Post, ParismodesTV, ITAR-TASS, The ONE, Luxury, in the specialized press in Russia, Ukraine, Greece, Romania.


Carmen Emanuela Popa is a graduate of the Faculty of Decorative Arts and Design, at the National University of Arts, Bucharest, with a Master in Fashion Design / Strategies of Fashion and Costume / UNAB. At present, she is a PhD student at the same university, in the field of Visual Arts, Fashion Department, with a theme that addresses the migration of the symbolism of the fashion outfit to the contemporary art object.


Always good projects were appreciated. But they can take birth, it took a lot of work and passion. Art must be expressed so that society can evolve aesthetically and spiritually and then have the immense joy of this. For this reason our attention was directed towards fruitful partnership, sponsorship and media relations. We are pleased to work with our teams, we thank all those who support creativity and artistic expression, the only way the world will go on.

  • It is not just about attires. It is an art that makes you catch a moment, feel and embrace the beauty. MERCEDES BENZ FASHION WEEK RUSSIA

  • Carmen is an artist anti-system, because it brings the average man in haute couture, and this makes his work original.. MIHAELA VARGA - Art Critic, Romania

  • Although your works are conceptual, but you managed to do very wearable .. MIHAELA DEDEOGLU - Jurnalist RFI Romania

  • The military ballet theme was a very new, fresh and interesting idea to present as a new designer. This new idea was based on the classic khaki for the army look, but unexpected volumes created this different from the common result, that is why the "best catwalk" award was easy to get. POSHFASHION Athens

  • Carmen Emanuela Popa’s collection combines several worlds across strong, very couture silhouettes in rigid materials, reminiscent of the imaginings of Alexander McQueen. PARISMODES TV - Review MBFW Russia, Moscow

  • Girl you're so high, do not forget this ... UNDA POPP - Prof. Univ. National University of Arts, Bucharest

  • When they heard many horns, I stopped my car in front of your store, I admire showcase.. M. LEROI - CUSTOMER

  • I wish for every customer who leaves from you with a piece of clothing, to feel what I feel now ... M. MANESCU - CUSTOMER