NEON The Middle Virtual Era A/W '17'18

A contemporary choreography Pieta of a woman, with the nostalgia of not losing herself as a human being, on the vast virtual scene.


Stop being.. This is the passive interrogation of this Virtual Middle Agesbeing or mechanism granted, touch or disproportionality of the gesture, pacifist or invasive, metaphor, or blind bullets with the banter dissipation powder.

The abandonment of the acquired human symbolism in favor of a self-transference in an immaterial mirror, propagates a cord-ial inhibition in the native context, a continuous struggle uniting with the rear-view folklore of any citizen tattooed on the introspective epidermis with: mother, name , earth, love ..  away from the unleashed world of emotions, from the first kiss, and the first love letter. Far from the perfect winter silence and the green wheat fields, away from the wind among poplars with silk leaves..

The affective stability that man of our day still shows, the struggle for defending the human condition, of an infallible consistency, shapes a gigantic profile, a greatness that unites with the divine, the only immaterial constant, which gives it the plenitude of existentialism.


The Middle Virtual Era transforms us into a farriers of a strange, rough and impenetrable composition with sharp shale and diamond powder from which you can not build a statement jewel. A disguising alloy without principles and responsibility.. Our mind, image recycling, to stand at virtual queue, and emotional drift, when the boat you are in, disappears without trace, is the negative premise of intangible communication.

  • Carmen Emanuela Popa
  • Carmen Emanuela Popa
  • Carmen Emanuela Popa
  • Carmen Emanuela Popa
  • Carmen Emanuela Popa
NEON<br>A/W '17'18

NEON The Middle Virtual Era A/W '17'18 Carmen Emanuela Popa
Video Image George Deac / Photography Iulian Bucur
Model / Choreography Gloria Barbu National Opera Bucharest