Fashion designer Carmen Emanuela Popa will present the Il Lamento collection for Autumn-Winter at the prestigious London Fashion Week fashion festival, which will take place online from 19-23 February 2021. This is the artist's second participation, after selecting the Ancient Dream collection, in September 2020, also during London Fashion Week, a participation after which it was compared, by the French press, with the renowned British designer Alexander McQueen.

The Romanian Cultural Institute in London is a permanent partner of Romanian designers and aims to help promote Romanian design on the British market. In the areal of London Fashion Week, which offers an excellent exhibition platform, ICR London will broadcast, on February 22, 2021, a portrait of the Romanian designer who has high appreciate internationally in the field of conceptual and avant-garde fashion. The film will include a presentation by Carmen Emanuela Popa, as well as images and videos with her collections.

Carmen Emanuela Popa is a graduate of the Faculty of Decorative Arts and Design within the National University of Arts, Bucharest, with a Master degree in Fashion and Costume Strategies / Fashion Design Department. He is currently a doctoral student at the same university, in the field of Visual Arts, Fashion section, with a theme that addresses the migration of the symbolism of the clothing object to the contemporary art object. She has had numerous participations in international exhibitions and projects with themes that debate the existential issues of the human being and is known as an "anti-system" artist who advocates for peace and multidisciplinary intercultural dialogue in the context of contemporary arts and design.

London Fashion Week brings together designers, critics and fashion journalists from around the world and is the largest event in the fashion industry in the UK, being one of the four major fashion festivals in the world (BIG FOUR), along with Paris, New York and Milan.

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