It’s almost that time of the year again when designers showcase their latest work in cities all over the world. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia is slated for March 12-16, 2017 and in anticipation get to know the designers with the most talked about past collections. In no particular order here are 11 collections from Russian and Georgian designers that are unexpected, fresh, memorable and will fulfill all your fashion dreams.

Carmen Emanuela Popa’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection brought to life a futuristic dream unlike any other. Lace, quilting, exposed skin and a few feathers for good measure added delicate accents to the more serious collection full of tight bodices and floor length skirts. A limited yet rich color palette alone was alluring yet was only intensified by the sleek choice of fabric. The sheen on the satin reflected by the lights added another dimension to the garments if not creating a new texture in itself. The futuristic collection lends itself to a dystopian future where women wear satin bonnets and carry massive clutches as though they are babies.While some looks had drastic cutouts and transparent skirts, others were the stark contrasts resembling a more conservative, almost Amish-esque ensembles.

Most unforgettable look: An off-white, body-hugging structure with side cutouts and tulle skirt that embodies a bridal MillaJovovich in the Fifth Element sans the orange hair. Like the other looks, the model’s head is covered in a padded headpiece that resembles a cast but a lot more glamorous. Even though the garment resembles a protective sports piece, it’s still feminine and makes one wonder who is she, where is she going and what is she doing?

By Vivien Moon |