She won second prize at ATHENS XCLUSIVE DESIGNERS WEEK " THE BEST Catwalk Prize " SS 2013 | Contemporary Unknown Soldier Collection  and with  her following presentation  in MERCEDES BENZ FASHION WEEK RUSSIA SS 2014 | WOMAN N Collection , makes the fashion world to discover a new area in fashion field the Rumanian’s invasion in fashion.
And as at #Zymantas Luxury magazine we are interesting to discover new fashion destination let introduce to You a new generation in Avant Garde  , so lets learn more about Mrs. Carmen Emanuela Popa  throught an interview that gave us in a really friendly way.
Each participate in an international fashion event, you create the opportunity to have positive results in future applications in large centers Fashion Weeks, Paris, London, Milan. In addition, the fact that the art that I promote as a designer is seen by as many people, is the most important thing. That little emotional spark that can unite with the divine in us. And last but not least, people are interested to wear these outfits, they say it gives them strength, or words of a client of mine, "your clothes give off so much sensitivity, but through this, and strength, is a paradox, I love it"
What is the source of Your inspiration , from where You start every of Your collection ?
Who was Your Idol in fashion world , You have any famous designer from the past that You consider him as Your mentor?
It comes from  "feeling". Report that the artist has with aesthetics is one intimate, he can rely on a purely chromatic speech, on a plea of volumes and abstract forms, or just philosophical assumptions. In all cases, the fullness feelings is overwhelming. If this happens, he has to show 
Who was Your Idol in fashion world , You have any famous designer from the past that You consider him as Your mentor?
My real idols are in the painting art, Picasso, assertive attitude on their own beliefs about life, Modigliani - piety characters, Rouault, expressionist touch to highlight the sensitivity, as in a cry. Schiele, agony of body language, dance pure chromatic - Matisse. In the philosophy, Heidegger, out to light the condition of the artist, " out in the open " of bravery. In poetry, Rilke, metaphor effervescence. In music, Mozart, infinite possibilities of self expression. In fashion design, I love, the art of McQueen, sense of freedom from Vivienne Westood, Junya Watanabe conceptual game, grandeur dream at Thom Brawne..
In the next period, will be the official opening of a Fashion Store in Bucharest, which will include an extension of the brand, Couture clothing products - conceptual marked by catwalk collections, an Fashion Gallery showcasing clothing items proposed for the season, and the Avant-Garde clothing area.
And of course, the campaign will promote new products. They will find in the Store on Calea Victoriei 122 Bucharest, and on-line >
In which way , the fact that Your head office ,Your atelier is in Bucharest  influence the way  of Your work , the way of designing?( Your participations in special projects for the National Museum of  Romania)
Yes, I had many projects of contemporary art, which also included contemporary dance. They were held in large spaces, important institutions in Bucharest, and I hope in the future to find partners interested in such projects, contemporary art, contemporary fashion, maybe.. in my new gallery.
How Your participation in preparations of costumes for ballet performance influence You in the way You design Your collections, and what is Your Muse (the type of woman ) that You mainly addressed?
My sources of inspiration comes from the arts, and refers to the attitude that human character manifested to the world, for this reason, my creations addresses a woman 
preoccupied with existential answers, discover their virtues, and live in habitats, whose only wealth to be love for the aesthetic soul and divinity.
Thanks You very much. And We will be in touch for Your next collection!
Fashion Reporter: Maritazia Katsimigkou@maritazia