Radio Romania Cultural

By Smaranda Oprina

The project aims to describe a good and bad Romania, from the perspective of representatives of Generation Z. The dialogues are honest and contain personal stories in relation to the Romania seen by these young people. Smaranda Oprina, herself a representative of Generation Z, talks every day, Monday to Friday, from 18:00, with musicians, photographers, activists, designers, curators, directors, actors - all under the age of 25 – which tell about their relationship with the country where they were born.

Carmen Emanuela Popa is a graduate of the Faculty of Decorative Arts and Design of the National University of Arts in Bucharest, with a master's degree in Fashion and Costume Strategies (Fashion Design Department). She is currently a doctoral student at the same university, in the field of Visual Arts, Fashion section, with a theme that addresses the migration of the symbolism of the clothing object to the object of contemporary art. She has participated in numerous exhibitions and international projects with themes that debate the existential issues of the human being and is known as an "anti-system" artist who campaigns for peace and for multidisciplinary intercultural dialogue in the context of contemporary arts and design.


" Romania has always been the picturesque country of fairytale landscapes with spiritually pure people, very hospitable and, many times, they put themselves at the service of the other, an exacerbated ego does not characterize the people of my country. On the other hand, the people of the cities have always been put in front of many tests of survival since the communist period and even until today, in many cases. We didn't have the comfort of a cultural enjoyment because our goals were always to satisfy basic needs. For this reason, many chose the path of emigration, this bringing with it humiliation, hard work and the eradication of a perspective of fulfilling one's personality. An additional trauma, to which is added the all-consuming longing for the country, the vibe of the Romanian lands whose sap is in their blood. Today's young people need important national programs of patriotic loyalty to be able to access their inner potential, because there is so much intelligence, determination and power to create interesting things and a new, healthy country, in accordance with the foreshadowing of the future of the world. I wish that the profile of a virtuous man, characterized by enthusiasm and creative freedom, stylistically brilliant and happy in the privileged position of being Romanian, gives hope that through bravery and creative efficiency he can be part of this great family of humanity." - Carmen Emanuela Popa