"Let's look at a few more things from the catwalk, with my look (Sorry that the photos are not technically perfect). Carmen Emanuela Popa from Romania (winner of Best Catwalk Award) presented a gorgeous collection based on the contrast between "hard" military and feminine softness of a ballerina.
The wonderful contrast appeared in forms and materials, which are able to "tie" beautiful. 
Miss Bloom Athens

"I found this military ballet interesting, do you?
for me Emanuela Popa had one of the best new ideas in designing today, but unfortunately didn't win, next time!"

The military ballet theme was a very new, fresh and interesting idea to present as a new designer.
This new idea was based on the classic khaki for the army look, but unexpected volumes created this different from the common result, that is why the "best catwalk" award was easy to get. I loved the oversized skirts paired with military patterns!
Well done for this new idea!






"Carmen Emanuela Popa was another designer who won prize and loud applause. The designer suggests the military look in all its glory. Very khaki, beige, white and generally camouflage colors, combined with elegant dresses, more thoroughly and more closings over playfully down. The tulle is one of the proposals of the designer who tried to soften the rigor of the military using the ballerina charm, and of course she did."
The K- Magazine