CHANGES [worldlove]   

Experimental Fashion Project 

The collection provokes, through the concept of surrealistic nature, the visual dynamics of the clothing object, which in this case acquires the valences of an contemporary art object.

Idea of collection starts from an ordinary dental prosthesis, which receives formal and proportional, plastic imagery, in accordance with an artistic discourse based on artificial reality, interlocking elements conventional or unconventional of contemporary fashion area.

With a powerful message regarding two conceptual trajectories in changing today's society, namely the excessive concern of man for chiseling the external aspect, which is often in contradiction with his actions, and social attacks by subversive methods of cognitive sabotage and mind control. The project aims at the struggle of the human being in the current society carried between the existential problems and the adversity of the society, characterized by the affective but also the rational indolence.

The changes thus occur in a plane of pejorative aesthetics through aggression and dominating actions for the purpose of an illusory supremacy based on pragmatism, infatuation with misanthropic accents. The subject is more a particular one, which we talk about in a reserved way, but it is an important part of our lives.

The antithesis discussed, is noted by the sudden joining of the notions of comfort / discomfort, which is induced by the image of a mandible with a dentition and the clothing object. Thus, the translucent pink is confused with the gingival portion, the satin taffeta speaks superlatively about relative aesthetic principles, but it is a visual method of idealizing the positive state and of accepting oneself in everyday struggle.

“I really like the works. I find it very organic. You seem to be talking about the human (female) body inside. The bottom part evokes a row of perfect teeth which suggests aggressiveness and eroticism. You make silk and fabric sculpture! "

Ileana Cornea - Art Critic, Artension Magazine, Paris

The character wears the innocence allure, a sign of a state of perpetual cognitive and emotional regeneration and of praise of the state of grace he tends to and for which he struggles daily to save the human being and his access to advanced levels of consciousness, where absolute pacifism creates benefiting the whole of humanity.


Location Arcub, Bucharest | Performer Alexandra Cornei

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