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Carmen Emanuela Popa is a Romanian fashion designer known for her avant-garde conceptual designs, she founded the brand with the same name embarking on a journey through the fashion world from vast philosophical influences, creating unique and visually challenging images, transmitting emotion and humanistic messages.

The characters she proposes are contemporary soldiers, kings metamorphosed into pure rural characters, urban entities that carry in their emotional baggage ancestral origins but who wear outfits made of high-tech materials, mixes of ecological and neoprene, natural and waterproof, all in a dynamic sportswear allure.

She receives the Best Catwalk Award at the Athens Xclusive Designers Week in Greece, with Contemporary Unknown Soldier collection. In 2014 presents WOMAN N, in Moscow, at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Russia, a woman's vision which was suggestively named by the international press “a refugee of the future“.

She was compared to British designer Alexander McQueen by the French press in a video - review of the Woman N collection at MBFW Russia, a collection that has been remarkably well placed in the top of presentations in history of this event, by the American publication Huffington Post.

To make the avant-garde in Russia is very difficult, but you did it !  Alexander Shumsky – President, MBFW, Russia

With the 56 Route Collection Carmen Emanuela Popa is a Visual Arts Partner of the International Project UNESCO's Academy of Young Women, The Fight Against Xenophobia, Extremism and Aggression, a project initiated by the National Commission of Romania for UNESCO, which took place in August 2017. With a strong manifest speech, the project supports the young woman who is still the victim of discrimination and violence.

From March 2018, she started collaborating with a program of a traineeship ( 6 months ) with the prestigious IUAV University / Fashion Design, Venice, Italy. Her final Project is called SHOW Me Your Heart.

In 2019 he exhibits at the City Hall 1, in Paris, Place du Louvre 4, the works of the Future Folk. Costume Royal project. A concept inspired by the line of French royal dresses brought in urban area by materials and sportswear element and with an particular accessory that referred to environmental and emotional pollution, the mask, which today has become a contemporary symbol of the whole world.

Carmen Emanuela Popa is a graduate of the Faculty of Decorative Arts and Design, at the National University of Arts, Bucharest, with a Master in Fashion Design / Strategies of Fashion and Costume / UNAB. At present, she is working on her PhD thesis at the same university, in the field of Visual Arts, Fashion Department, with a theme that addresses the migration of the symbolism of the fashion outfit to the contemporary art object.

Her unconventional concepts have appeared in publications such as British VOGUE, Tatler UK, Huffington Post, ParismodesTV, ITAR-TASS Agency, Harper's BAZAAR, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, RFI, China Daily, and other specialized publications in Russia, Ukraine, Greece, Chine, France and Romania.


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Ancient Dream SS 2021 | Philosophy

It is a praise for women, a body-spirit reconciliation. The contemporary woman accesses the same statement in force of the origin of the human being, namely the truth of an indestructible sacredness, of its mission that remains the same, regardless of temporality.

No matter how much informational content we add to history, the predictions of primordial needs are vitally similar to those of prehistory, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, or modernity.

The woman has a precise destination, that of being a mother. Beyond this non-caprice, she can tame all other virtues by taking them out on the stage in a current society marked by aesthetic evasion.

Therefore, sexuality must be celebrated not only as a form of exploitation of pleasure (hedonistically), but especially for the fact of a pragmatism of the exploitation of virtue, that of having the possibility of self-creation in a new being by merging with an individuality that, through a series of factors, affective, intelligence and sexual appeals to be able to provide a climate of relational perfection.

Everything that is outside this motivation is an artificial act, false in terms of purpose, a simulation of the copulative act intended for procreation, a procreative evasion.

Of course, society, from ancestral times to the present day, has learned the magic of erotic play and speculates on this constant of vulnerability to physical ecstasy in various interpretive forms. It seems that an imaginative predilection underlies contemporary erotic behavior. Sexual identity can acquire valences from autonomous to dual, to the identical masculine or identical feminine tandem, a culture of erotic and pansexual diversity is spreading today in the vast socio-ideological area. Even though it is a minority, this type of initialism is today adopted in mainstream culture.

In any cases, celebrating eros has always been a leitmotif  of the validation of the joy that a love affair between two human beings experiences. It is the highest form, a culmination of the communicative plan that involves worship and attachment, contemplation and compassion, hope and enthusiasm.

It is a crowning of love and a testament to the fulfillment of the personality physically and emotionally.

For this reason, erotic respect is a moral necessity in terms of individual behavior in relation to meeting immediate physiological needs. The course of an outcome, in this sense, must be accompanied by the triggering prelude which consists in a madolin song of the soul, unlike animal species, the human being has spiritual abilities and ingenious sensitivity, which can give him the ability to put in play a poetic plan so that the erotic context becomes a paradisiacal one.



Ancient Dream SS 2021 | Carmen Emanuela Popa


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