The British Fashion Council (BFC) is delighted to announce the launch of London Fashion Week (LFW) September 2023, taking place from Friday 15th to Tuesday 19th September as a digital-physical hybrid. LFW September 2023 boasts an incredible line-up of 137 brands including 111 physical activations and 36 digital activations taking place on schedule. 

London Fashion Week is a global showcase of talent that curates and amplifies excellence in creativity, culture, and commerciality. - LFW 

Profile Designer

INSIDE | Carmen Emanuela POPA

The world seen from the perspective of new experiences, from the life of another person, but also the life philosophy of your own personality and the awareness of the balances that you customize in your own life. INSIDE is about displacement, the association of dissonant elements and materialities, about the inversion of the roles of the objects we are used to, over-dimensions and interpretations, beyond the everyday stereotype.

The whole body takes the figurative place of a leg. Man realizes that such a posture, in which the lower part of the body sees the individual's actions more detachedly and thus becomes a second consciousness that urges reflection and action in accordance with the truth that lives in you and that you want to pass on. We can evaluate ourselves as a sketch or as a finished product, in both cases it is about your design as a being, which must continue a well-defined line of your own style and a well-defined way in which you propagate your own values in the world.