Future Folk. Costume Royal refers to the extension of the original concept of future folk to an international dimension by interpreting the traditional costume of different cultures with contemporary design.

The project offers an urban woman in perfect communion between the past and the present, touched by all the evolving aspects of humanity.

The exhibition has included a total of 30 works of conceptual fashion signed by the Romanian designer and was organized at the Town Hall of the 1st Arrondissement of Paris, 4 Place du Louvre, from October 2 to 10, 2019. Opening on October 2 at 3 p.m.

A project Future Folk (2018) initiated by Alumnus Club for UNESCO - Romania, in collaboration with the artist Carmen Emanuela Popa, was carried out with the support of the National Commissions for UNESCO of France and Romania, of the European Federation of Associations and Clubs for UNESCO and the Municipalities of Paris and Bucharest.

The visual tandem proposed by designer Carmen Emanuela Popa by homogenizing the two worlds, France and Romania, is a stylistic explosion using new techniques of contemporary art, the juxtaposition of symbolic elements of apparently antithetical cultures, from the original line of popular costume and placed on visual support.

Sanda Miller, Journalist and Fashion Critic, London, says:

“Borrowing this amount of cultural history is no small task for Romanian designer Carmen Emanuela Popa. But the message is important and, hopefully, far reaching; we need a wind of change in the fashion world which looks for itself and which must come exactly from sources such as folklore and places other than the world of pan-western European fashion. "




The royal crown meets the Romanian fanchon, from the eclectic to the dramatic, a visual trajectory that ideally unites the two entities that carry with them such different stories, but unites them with an essential trait, the human soul. Love and compassion, contemplation and poetry. White and red, the bright colors of the Romanian tradition in clothing, taffeta and thick silk, ample and refined colors for a royal world, a life full of charm and bohemian which contrasts with the sacred character of man who has not experienced lush life.

The woman of the past who meets the present in a completely new world, filled with evolutionary manifestations in terms of technology and creation for comfort, but marked by a series of existential problems, thus the woman in modernity is confronted with an exacerbated pollution , starting with that of the environment and going through various stages, such as emotional, psychological, etc.

The urban places the multicultural woman in the middle of a diverse information field, which she must understand and above all, in the middle of which, she must maintain her balance of life. Often, she must wear protective accessories against harmful factors, clothing with anti-shock elements in sportswear, because she is characterized by dynamism, in accordance with the needs of this constantly changing world. Futur folk has an ancestral background in the past of its peoples, which unites the beautiful sedimented by these eras, when people created objects to bring an aesthetic quality of life, with a contemporary desire to preserve an intangible heritage, through creativity and the immeasurable joy that art offers you, this sweet emotion of peace.

The idealization of being today, in a royal costume, is that it deserves to wear shiny stripes with elements that, ironically, refer to the weaknesses of today's society.

Future Folk. Costume Royal is a metaphor that places the idea of ​​humanity under an idealizing light and the human being in a draped fabric constructed with high-tech materials to envelop his body and his spirit as well as those of his origins.