IUAV University of Venice follows the criteria for implementing the tradition of Italian art history in fashion design in complementarity with the latest fashion trends in contemporary fashion. The actual creation of a clothing and conceptual outfit is based on an artistic and personal expression.
The project initiated within the IUAV is an ample work one that took place throughout the traineeship period, going through various stages and in accordance with the value of the concept, from thematic research, making samples, painting of selected fabrics, experimenting with contexts and working techniques, until the fabrication of the clothing, construction and deconstruction of the component elements, experimental manipulations with the thematic specificity of the doctoral work From the dressing object to the contemporary art, when the piece of clothing loses its usefulness and acquires an aesthetic value accompanied by by an artistic message.
Participations in IUAV courses were extremely useful and penetrating, especially as the methods of propagation of the concept of creation are extremely free and refer to the emotion, affectivity and unconditional freedom the artist must have when creating.
The notion of Art is thoroughly defined and refers in particular to a type of creative energy that must be allowed to manifest without obstacles.
The world has always been in constant change. It is important for our creative evolution to get in touch with the environments in which the creative phenomenon is valued and promoted as one of the human virtues that makes the spirit of this world discover in the three fundamental values: truth, good and beautiful.

Show Me Your Heart  Project

The concept of the project is an allegory to the contemporary society that increasingly loses its emotional valences, the valences that define the human being, and draws its attention more and more to the dawn of an excessively technological era.
The project brings to light, from the aesthetic landmarks of the Italian Renaissance, a character that remains touched by the richness of the nature of things - rerum nature, thus preserving the visual context of Venice, the color of a sky paint, fine material and natural silk full in contrast to graphic elements made in the quilting technique, which carries the object created today in a dynamic sportswear, using strong artistic elements made with unconventional materials […]

Recommendation Letter

As full professor and director of the BA Program in fashion design at IUAV University of Venice I’d like to introduce Carmen Emanuela Popa, I mentored in her period in Italy, March – July 2018.
While at IUAV, Carmen work with commitment to develop her doctoral project and complete her trainee program. She is sensitive and attentive person and worked hard to understand and dialogue with environment different from her own, pushing herself out of her confort zone and experiencing both with new techniques and ideas.
Her project has shaped around elaboration with the themes already predominant in her work, such as the use of certains materials and elaborations of surfaces, silhouettes and volumes, the mixing of references to human physiognomy and present and past fashion.
The strongest features of her work are above all in the construction of the garments she designs, with a particular attention to the procesing of the surfaces and the reflection of the volumes of the silhouettes.
Carmen carried out her project with dedication and fun and it was a pleasure to work with her. I truly recommended her without reservation. If you have any furthner question, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Prof. Maria Luisa Frisa, IUAV University, Venice
26 July 2018

You are a visionary! Your work is very clear and definite, it is very feminine and you have a very developed sense of proportion. The materials shine, the costumes are very strong but very sensitive at the same time. You use silk, you make conceptual wearable clothing, if we look at Converse we see changes in time, but there is only one thing that makes them original. That I want from you. I look at the sample you are proposing, with silk and lines accompanied, in the quilting technique. The silk has been exploited in various types throughout the history of fashion, with prints, relief structures, etc., but this is different!..
Prof. Maria Bonifacic, IUAV University, Venice

Your Project Presentatioan was extraordinary!
Prof. Gabriele Monti, IUAV University, Venice

Carmen has very innovative and elaborate ideas. She is molto brava, intelligent and with highly exigency in her wonderful and very particular work.
Maria Marin, Catia Giacon
Heads of Technical Department,  IUAV University, Venice


For more about Project please visit https://www.carmenemanuelapopa.com/