FUTURE FOLK  Project Inteview  National Romanian Television TVR

It is my kind of suggestion, as an artist, to say: here is how the two worlds can intersect. These interstices can be flagrant. Imagine a high-tech romanian blouse.. it has remained in its cutting line and just added this material change.

Popular costumes have a personal mark, as if they were a multiple character that is divided into several conceptual variants. Peasants, because they have worked, are fine artists and not necessarily craftsmen, have some areas that they control very visually, it is all extremely complex and they are extraordinary self-titles.

 I love this world very much, I have also had a reach  childhood in the rural area and I really enjoyed this context, which is why I feel very well here at the National Village Museum in Bucharest. There are many similarities between the minority costumes and the traditional Romanian costume. All the costumes are very loaded with symbols; this symbolism, quite coherent, we meet in all the costumes, characterizes the tumult that happens in the soul of man, an affective tumult, affection for nature, for God, in the way it was represented in costumes and did not shout to say these things visually, using a richness of this language. The more they was said, and the stronger, the better they felt, and in that way, I think they were very honest people. They were not afraid to say everything, and that impressed me very much.

The project brings this story alive, in fact it is immortal, no one can alter it in any way, what we do, those who are in the contemporary, we only make an interpretation and as I was saying the project is an artistic experiment and he can have extra value by joining the two worlds of the past with the contemporary one. The whole collection is still under the sign of my desire to think that people can be unified and that all barriers of many kinds are disappearing and that it is still a message of Peace.



FUTURE FOLK  Interviu Televiziunea Romana TVR

Este un fel de sugestie a mea ca artist, in a spune: iata cum se pot intercala cele doua lumi. Aceste intercalari sunt destul de flagrante. Imaginati-va o ie din material hig tech argintiu - ea a ramas in varianta ei de linie si s-a adaugat doar aceasta schimbare de materialitate.

Costumele populare au o amprenta personala, ca si  cand ar fi un caracter multiplu care se divide in mai multe variante conceptuale. Taranii pentru ca ei le lucreaza si le-au lucrat sunt niste artisti desavarsiti si nu neaparat mestesugari, au niste zone pe care le controleaza foarte bine vizual, este totul extrem de complex, ei fiind niste autodidacti extraordinari.

Iubesc foarte mult aceasta lume, eu am si copilarit destul de mult in spatiul rural si imi placea foarte mult acest context , din acest motiv ma simt foarte bine si aici, la Muzeul Satului. Sunt foarte multe similitudini intre costumele minoritatilor si costumul traditional romanesc. Toate costumele sunt foarte incarcate de simboluri, aceasta simbolistica, destul de coerenta, pe care o intalnim in toate costumele caracterizeaza tumultul care se intampla in sufletul omului, un tumult afectiv, afectiune pentru natura, pentru Dumnezeu, asa, in maniera in care il reprezentau ei in costume si nu se sfiau sa spuna aceste lucruri - vizual, folosind o bogatie a acestui limbaj. Cu cat era mai mult spus si mai puternic cu atat ei se simteau mai bine si in acest mod, cred ca ei erau niste oameni foarte sinceri. Nu se sfiau sa spuna totul, si asta m-a impresionat extrem de mult.

Proiectul aduce in actualitate povestea asta atat de vie, de altfel ea este nemuritoare, nimeni nu are cum sa o altereze in vreun fel, ce facem noi, cei care suntem in contemporan, nu facem decat o interpretare si asa cum va spuneam proiectul este un experiment aristic si el poate avea o valoare in plus prin alaturarea celor doua lumi, cea a trecutului cu cea contemporana. Intreaga colectie este tot sub acest semn, al unei dorinte de-ale mele de a gandi ca oamenii pot fi unificati cumva si ca dispar toate barierele de toate tipurile si este in continuare un mesaj pentru Pace.