The British Fashion Council is delighted to release the official final schedule for London Fashion Week February 2023, taking place from Friday 17th to Tuesday 21st February 2023, as a digital-physical hybrid.

London Fashion Week is a five-day celebration of creativity and innovation that brings together fashion, culture, and technology. The event is a curation of excellence and empowers growth, by showcasing exceptional designer talent to an international audience. - LFW 

Designer Carmen Emanuela Popa participate during London Fashion Week at Profile Designer Section with a new collection / GONFLOVE. With a provocative concept that wants to bring to the fore the idea of progressive societal change in all environments, to draw attention to dehumanizing trends, the project actively advocates for the prioritization of raw emotions, honest behaviors and the growing appreciation of human feelings.


In a context of perpetual change of perspectives from which the present man looks at communication and communion with others, introspective perceptions but also the interpretation in dreamlike, fantasy terms of reality, the contemporary human actor acquires new appearances and characteristics in accordance with the creative tools that he begins to use exploit them more and more in a rigor of personal desires and in an assumed aspiration to cognitive, affective and self-expression freedoms in terms of the values and the projected image of a preferred world.

From pansexualism or sapiophilia to polyamorous behavior or non-binary active attitude, the scene of actions involving a rhetoric of eroticism has diversified and expanded in recent decades, a sign that the current generations correspond much more directly with their own fantasy literature, heterogeneous, conservative values or traditional ones remaining behind these accelerations in the sphere of everyday conjugal actions.

The immortalization in a contemporary art work with stylistic references in the representation of Renaissance art such as baroque or rococo, composes a three-dimensional image in which the elements follow a replacement scheme of the initial order, an ambush that parodies the character's subversive involvement in a reality fanciful, this time configured in a plastic language different from that of flat painting.

Waterproof materials, soft or with special reflective luminescent properties, give the works suppleness and place the theme in a mixed industrial-romantic area.

The proposed clothing item has a chameleon peculiarity, that of being able to be exhibited as an art installation on the walls of a contemporary gallery.