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Fa Ra ON S/S 23 Carmen Emanuela Popa


We are now at the dawn of new beginnings in which our horizons are resizing from the individual perspectives of goal setting to the spatiality in which we want to manifest our performances. The dawn of an era of emotional civilization is beginning to show its pastel hues in keeping with a pacifism of wisdom.

Intolerance can no longer be accepted, ignorance of the affects will lead to mini-wars in / out, it will be necessary a management of feelings that must be authenticated. This treasure that we carry in us untapped, must be revealed and valued. The existence of things that are born in us is no longer a probability, they must be assimilated and defended by one's own person as part of the whole. We live in congruent realities, in common spaces, on a common planet with access to history and the tendencies of a chameleon future.

Civilizations intertwine, kingdoms and species are at the service of both conciliators in terms of the right to life, respect that merges with the higher forms of compassion and later contemplation. Sometimes, the impossibility of action, of defense makes us lose our advantage but our solid spirit of conservation is the one that shelters the real virtues.

Existing and imagined forms, contextual interpretations and placement of elements paradoxically in unexpected places, an absurd puzzle with a speech in favor of tolerance, the mystery of a metaphorical imagination leading to a spiritual ode and at the same time absorbed by the contemporary, are here themes that creators face during the rhetorical values of a cancel culture. Culture and art are part of the historical sediment but also of the creative deposit, that is why it cannot be canceled. We still have to find the classic or mainstream ways to expose it. 

There is a need for a display of emotional hormones against an exacerbation and physical wear and tear of a pseudo-erotic nature. It is imperative to avoid emotional fossilization by assuming the expression of feelings that are not rational fruits but they are more about an aesthetic, an elegance of  the “interior”, this is the true riches of the contemporary individual.

Waterproof materials, silk taffeta in contrast with recyclable packaging plastic, raffia footage used in ordinary bags and industrial areas, here is a palette of samples from everyday life that replace our archetypal symbols and make us aware of the radical changes that time does not spare us.

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for the support of Partner 
Muzeul Municipiului Bucureşti - Palatul Suțu 
by taking Pictures of the Project in the area of Muzeul Frederic Storck și Cecilia Cuțescu Storck 

Model Alexandra Cornei