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Who we are? How did we build the society around us and the one inside us? What is the support rooted in the primordial and what is it based on in the real and figurative gravitational context, our being?

Perhaps our abilities that reveal an unequivocal evolution but also a belonging to higher spheres are the reason to believe that the human being is much more than a soft machine that activates outside of any essential plan or purpose.

We are destabilized in the contemporary era by the onslaught of many physical or mental atrocities, but man's ability to regenerate makes him always go towards self-definition and knowledge.

In the posture of a permanent duality between his condition as a man destined for the spirit and a man with a biological genealogy, the contemporary actor fights for the prioritization of certain qualities that give him a certain standard of inner power, for some this refers to the revelation of a permanently creative mentality, as an improvisation jazz, while others prefer the basic hedonism that evokes a dialogue with materiality and a certain pragmatic vision of life, in which the benefits are stored in physically or virtually existing barns.

The ecology of our actions is a subject that should concern us in order not to trigger or to eradicate an existential-individual crisis with emotional temperatures below or above the allowed levels.

We are or are not exponents of Darwin's theory, but we must be aware, beyond any active aspect of a unitary consciousness, that the flow of life is a permanent parallel that intersects at the moment when the intention appears and, subsequently, the committing of a statement imprinted with belonging to the species, race, culture, gender or religion, as the case may be.

The recognition of a cognitive tutelage, which since the Enlightenment era of the renaissance has been on the list of exemptions as evidence that directs people's lives, is a step forward towards freeing the spirit and offering a much expanded space for human mentalities.

At the same time, anchoring to an absolute force, to an apogee of morality and of the refined  actions make the living ship of the mind-soul hybrid have a stable that can determine its unaltered evolution.

LFW June 2023