Famous Romanian designer Carmen Emanuela Popa will demonstrate her new collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia

Beauty, Love, Drama and Agony… The inspiration is hidden inside the canvas of the painting. Every season a famous Rumanian designer Carmen Emanuela Popa keeps on creating the  extraordinary images filling them with her own philosophy.  It is not just about attires. It is an art that makes you catch a moment, feel and embrace the beauty. 

Her first collection was made when Carmen was six years old (!). Inspired by dramatic works of Picasso and Monet, adolescent designer clearly determined her mission. She should create the clothes that will reflect her thoughts, view and feelings.


Graduated from the National Art University in Bucharest young Carmen faced difficulties in achieving the goal. “Feeling like a soldier I’ve tried to start cooperate with all Rumanian tailor shops, many of them refused me. But I really think that difficulties make person even stronger; Failures gave way to a real triumph, that resulted in the creation of my own brand ”.

Military motive is the leading idea of Carmen’s collection.  She takes the inspiration from the soldier’s  inner world who has just came from the war. His enduring attitude to the world, a slight aloofness and mental disruption appeal a designer’s attention.

Carmen Emanuela Popa: “True love is a power that makes people change themselves. What does inspire me? -  The dramatic existent reality. It causes wars, starvation, poverty… Everybody is making war day by day ”.

Spring-Summer Collection 2014 reveals a woman who succeeds in achieving the goals, without trying to find easy ways out. She keeps the peace without losing the harmony. 

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia