The exhibition organized by UNESCO and CNR Alumnus Club UNESCO itinerant circuit is part of the concept Red Much of artist Carmen Emanuela Popa, dedicated anti-violence and oppression, It began with the official opening of the International Academy of Young Women Project. The Fight Agaist Xenophobia, Extremism and Aggressionproject initiated by the National Commission for UNESCO.

The event was dedicated to International Women's Daywhich is celebrated annually on 8 March, commemorating the international movement of women's rights.

Red is a much exposure to ten graphic workssymbolizingthe nonchalance of a pictorial touchesa series of posesthe human characters take part in rhetoricsometimes glibthe daily torture.    redwhich is drawn with a consistency improbableheart starts next steps and allow for areathe tumult of words spoken only visual mannerHe breaks out a peal of undefined spiritual body of the woman and never stopsIt is simultaneously a sign of rebellion and silence in the face of adversity.

She craves peace decreed in his worldwhich is fully răsfângăa glittering blanket of snowon history.

Graphic suggestseachexperience asumativăValue manifesto unidirectionalPhysical and emotional anti-violence. The experimental value of this exhibition is thatThere is one piece of clothing, care, parklowered the drawingsbrings the women in our reality proximal.

Piecetitled fashion art objectis detached from the rest of the exhibitionthrough a serious and imperative positionthe character of an immaculate white cottonvelvetupon entering luxuriousinfallible suggestion of red universal, care, instigates nonviolencepromptly stop a warsocial media and domestic habitat.

heat steamingYou exude this imageproclaims he witnesses a recordthat control over responsibility.

One can be injured very easilya wordwith a question or an answera negation or an affirmationand deed decision withcan kill at any timeLabyrinth the feeling that the human being can be COUNTRYprovesoftento have the character of fatality.

But woman's heart is the meeting place of all the meanings of lifeWoman gives his inexhaustible tendernessthe pace of a waterfall.

woman fightingloves and leaves behind his forgivenessa heavenly worldwhich owns the invisible jilţiulthe universality of his being fragile.

Much Red exhibition will be open from 1 – 31 March / 2018, at the National Commission for UNESCO, Bucharest, Str. Cehov nr. 8