" This weekend passed unfortunately so quickly and it was so cool, because it was full of fashion! It was time for Athens Xclusive Designers Week! One of the shows that I enjoyed was Carmen Emanuela Popa, new designer, who actually won the Best Catwalk Award. Army style is undeniably one of the latest trends. These garments were in military colors, some of them had also military fabrics and all of them were combined with lots of tulle. Interesting catwalk! "
Fashion Circus Athens

" Best Catwalk Award for the spectacular military designs Carmen Emanuela Popa, who could be going to work through a full scholarship from AKMI. Or rather will help the evolution of IVT ... "

"Her clothes Carmen Emanuela Popa, certainly deserved the award as made reference to an own style, combining modern fashion, but also with prominent elements of creativity. The show had a theme like the army, the military look that we all love at times, but in a fresh perspective that we liked very much. The consistency of presentation was remarkable in contrast with some other show we saw inconsistency.
Carmen Emanuela Popa Spring / Summer 2013

Specifically in the show by Carmen we saw much tulle dresses and very short volume from the waist down. We particularly liked the combination of the army look that hints at a more masculine style with tulle so that opened downward into ballerinas made reference to.
Fantastic combination and contrast which one stole the limelight. The top of the presentation was more strict with emphasis on the buttons and closed neckline. The bottom was more girly and cute Camarillo create a mood. The shoes were also very impressive, particularly boots were reminiscent in a way of army shoes but with a large heel to balance the situation."