Carmen Emanuela Popa describes each coat which she creates: " is the expression of the artistic and philosophical messages I want to transmit, antithetical assumptions about our inner worlds, and feelings and emotions, and how differently each of us perceives the worls in all diversity".


Contemporay Unknown Soldier


A world made of tears and songs, of a dough of contemplation, of carnal pale rose of an unanswered dialogue with yourself. The unknown man is allowed to be recycled in a vacuum of isolation, wich at the same time takes him to himself and brings him back.

Yes, he is metamorphosed in words that have deformed his entire being in slow-motion. Man is an anonymous and unique cry in the immaterial light of a Sunday. It's a name and a resonance of his applause.

He knows there was once a show in this world that made him happy. He is a hoof of metaphors that he can not stop, he raises them to the sky, throws out of his hands, but most of the time he offers them, in the form of morse signals, to those who invoke the sadness. He donates the same heart, the same walk and the same kiss, to you, the one you’re waiting for, as a irascible and fearful sea, with the silent arms of a giant, upon whose touch, he can know his torment.

He loves you, as always, as the beloved human being, sometimes proving you to like a coat, and running away together in this world. He is the unknown soldier of our day, who likes the eternity of anonymity and the red geraniums in the window of the country house, through which passed, transfigured, all the seasons.

Wo are you? And what hieratic origin do your virtues have? What enthusiasm you throw away in the waves of the urban greatest sea? ..

The universe irrevocably generates us as sons of decadence and humility, as sons of love, of creation, and of non-violence. We are a rhythmic harmony between breath and love.. We are the destination of.. freedom.