The Contemporary Unknown Soldier collection was presented at Atens Exclusive Designers Week and received the Best Catwalk award. Pictures from the collection were published in British Vogue Magazine at Designer Profile issue, and, also in Tatler UK.

Man is an anonymous and unique cry in the immaterial light of a Sunday. It's a name and a resonance of his applause. He knows there was once a show in this world that made him happy. He is a hoof of metaphors that he cannot stop, he raises them to the sky, throws them out of his hands, but most of the time he offers them, in the form of morse signals, to those who invoke sadness. He donates the same heart, the same walk and the same kiss, to you, the one waiting for, as an irascible and fearful sea, with the silent arms of a giant, upon whose touch, he can know his torment. He loves you, as always, as the beloved human being, sometimes proving you to like a coat, and running away together in this world. He is the unknown soldier of our day, who likes the eternity of anonymity and the red geraniums in the window of the country house, through which he passed, transfigured, all seasons. He is incorporated with field plants, with green grains and unnamed vermeillon flowers; with the river where he sinks his feet into the fine sand of childhood, guarded by young acacias and soapy flowers. He is imagining peppermint landscapes in an unreal landscape of the heavenly village, where children with breathing steaming, roaring fragile stems of flowers, and disassembling the wheat spikes, murmuring a Mahler symphony… The world as liberation and abandonment in a huge cage, from which it draws the invisible blood of becoming.


An Anti-System Artist

"When I saw the creations, signed Carmen Emanuela Popa, they reminded me of a novel I read a while ago, The good soldier of Ford Madox Ford, a novel in which a heroine said a reply: << where are the bright, happy and innocent beings? .. they must exist .. we read about them in books…>>

I believe that the artist has begun not only to look for them, as she herself confesses, << in every passing on the street, in every man who can be ordinary, but who has a tear in his eye, a grief in his soul, or a wing on his shoulder>>, but to identify their own characters.

I met the artist a few years ago, during a collective exhibition, which took place at the National Museum of Romanian History. I noticed her since then ... and since then there has been a sympathy, empathy, between us, based on the fact that, from the beginning I believed in her star, I expressed it very clearly, and here I have had the flair.. the successes of the last year in Moscow and Athens prove it. She, without wanting it, because of this life and artistic belief, will be noticed. She is an anti-system artist, because, to come to haute couture with the idea of ​​perfect compassion, mercy ... about which we have been told for two thousand years ... and we do not have, love - a motto assumed .. the fact that they are inspired by the common man, these moral beliefs, therefore, are anti-system to haute couture, but I think this is precisely what gives it originality.

I have very briefly stated this creed of her life, because it is very important to see that we have to deal with a very strong personality, with some very firm beliefs. Indeed, he is a perfectionist, a person to whom every detail does not escape, because for a true artist, nothing has to be a fruit of chance, and, I would conclude with a quote from her personally, in which she says: << ordering thoughts must be at the suggestion of emotions >>. "


 By Mihaela Varga, Art critic