London Fashion Week | 16-20 September 2022

Under the auspices of a difficult national period of the UK, but also of the whole world, LFW spreads the spirit of creativity and innovation in the field of contemporary fashion by launching well-known designers as well as new designers who challenge with their works the profile of today's emotionally tested man.

Romanian Designer Carmen Emanuela Popa bring a message of solidarity with those who suffer as a result of the war in Ukraine through her new collection War Melt by POPA.

Learn more about this concept that spread the idea of the pacifist instinct that resides in all of us, on official Platform LFW at Profile Designer Section.


Today we are surprised by the actions and decisions of leaders who have lived in a continuous hibernation in their own immoral consciousness, in a gloomy scenario of premeditating and ignorance of the consequences regarding the assault of a large sample of human beings whose peace has been shaken and stabbed, filling in blood and tears a land whose value cannot be in the testimony of a war.

Absurd and treacherous this collective attack covers as an iron hand the peace and emotional well-being of the whole planet. The present man feels in the helplessness and he discovers so fragile in front of a camouflaged evil and now galloping through contemporary history, canceling all the principles of fundamental human rights.

The human being was long tried by oppression at a large and micro scale, at the country level and territories but also at the level of the family diagram. Wars of conjugal supremacy, conflicts between generations, between well-marked poles of universally valid but divergent values, permanent or intermittent war with ourselves.

The direct abuse of the peaceful passenger, of those with whom we interact directly or indirectly, this short syllogism from a basic logic "I deserve it" is actually the prehistoric approach of hunting in all forms. The most rudimentary form of power is the eruption outbreak of supremacy and seed from which the boot grows, which often gets the configuration of a tank or MiG.

However, the illusion that this type of character who knelt the fellows, will win in the victory as in a crystalline water in this great garden that belongs totally to the Divine. It is a utopia with a short life span and with the most unexpected repercussions. The war is not a contemporary happening, it has a completely anachronistic and backward allure, it is not in aligning the young consciousness of these people like pigeons, who are barely learning to fly.

It is the last of the next row for millennia and it must be canceled with an arsenal made up of raw Intelligence, peace vision and much love distributed in packages for all affective injured and those whose houses and countries remained behind them.

The collection is a message of love for all those who suffer as a result of this war and a message of discouragement for the commission of evil, for its propagation and actions that lead to harming the human being.

As an artistic act, this concept interprets in opposition the force and aggressiveness of the military demonstrations against the present man by using soft materials, natural fabrics that the caracter wore in a context of a simple life, whose tranquility was not disturbed by anything external and nature was giving joy and meaning to life.

Also, a strong contrast between industrial materials and lace characterizes the theme that speaks in a visual but also sentimental language about overcoming this crisis, about a disarmed near future, about the fragility of women and children who have proven an extraordinary strength to face these unclassifiable attacks, but unfortunately some of them did not manage to survive. One of the pieces explicitly refers to this aspect.

An allegory about a present drama that we are witnessing today and about winning the battle with the absurd forces that transform this artistic and poetic vision in a very sensitive humanitarian message.

#stopwar #warend #warmelt 

Model Ariana / MRA Models Agency / Bucharest